Academic Integrity

Webcam-Based Proctoring in Online Exams

Deception and dishonesty in online exams are believed to link to their unmonitored nature where users appear to have the opportunity to collaborate or utilize unauthorized resources during these assessments. The primary goal of this study was to investigate the deterrent effect of Webcam-based proctoring on misconduct during online exams

The Impact of Proctored Online Exams

This study explored new ways to maintain academic integrity for large enrollment, completely online courses. We examined the use of ProctorU as our proctoring strategy with the objectives to identify any implementation challenges and understand the impact of using an online proctor on the student experience.

Proctored On-Campus Vs. Unproctored Online Exams

Online education is expected to grow, bringing new challenges. One of the biggest challengesconcerns the validity of online assessments. Questions arise about cheating, including whether ornot the person taking the assessments is the student registered for the course. Studies have tried todetermine the amount of cheating in online assessments using student self-reporting. Concernabout the validity …

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Reducing Cheating Opportunities in Online Test

This paper focuses on reducing cheating opportunities of online test assessment. Increasing use of online test in all course presentation formats(online, blended/hybrid or facilitated) has elevated faculty concerns of cheating.Efforts by educators to reduce cheating have been ongoing and with somesuccess but, as the results of a study reported here more is needed. Two sectionsof …

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