Adding your Syllabus

Video Guide #

1. Click Syllabus in the left-hand menu

Open Syllabus

2. Click Edit in the top-right corner and type in “Course Outline”

Edit Syllabus Description

Open Document Upload Tool #

Open Document Upload Tool

Click the Documents icon [1] and select the Upload Document option [2].

Note: To view the Documents icon, you may have to click the Options icon [3].

Upload Syllabus Document from Computer

Upload Document from Computer

Click or drag and drop a media file to the media uploader to upload a file from your computer.  

Select File #

Select File

Select the document file [1] and click the Open button [2].

View Selected File #

View Selected File

The uploader displays the document file name [1]. To remove the file, click the Delete icon [3].

Embed Document #

Submit Upload

To embed your selected document, click the Submit button.

Note: The file will flash before it embeds in the New Rich Content Editor.

View Document Link #

View Embedded Document Link

View a link to your uploaded file in the New Rich Content Editor [1].

To manage options for the link, click the link title and click the Link Options link [2].

You can edit the link text in the Text field [1] or link URL in the Link field [2].

Click the Preview inline option, then click the Expand preview by Default box.

To save link options, click the Done button [5].

Save Changes #

Save Changes

Click the Save button.

Forward PDF to the Registrar’s Office (

Source: Canvas Instructor Guide