Downloading a Copy of an Exam

When a course or a term ends you may want to download and archive a copy of a Quercus quiz (e.g. a midterm or final exam). A straightforward way to do this is to print the quiz to PDF. Note that these methods will not work for exams that are set up to display one question at a time.

Simple Method #

Navigate to your Quiz and click “Preview”.

In Preview mode, right-click on the page and select “Print…”.

When the print screen pops up, instead of sending it to a printer, click Save as PDF to download a PDF of the quiz to your computer.

Tampermonkey Method #

The “Print to PDF” method is quick and easy but sometimes results in questions being split between pages. For a cleaner output, you can run a script via the Tampermonkey extension.

1. Download the TamperMonkey extension here: Chrome or Firefox

2. Open the extension in your browser

3. Click Create a New Script

4. Replace all of the code on-screen with this script.

5. Click File > Save

6. Navigate to your Quiz and click Preview. A Print button will appear on the right side of the screen. Note that this will only be visible in Preview mode. Again, Save as PDF.

7. Click the Print button and make sure the printer destination is “Save/Print as PDF”