When creating an exam to be delivered on Quercus, it is important to use the Quiz tool rather than the Assignment tool. Quizzes offer most of the features available in an Assignment, including:

  • multiple questions formats including file uploads**
  • due dates, “available from”, and “available until” dates
  • ability to assign custom start and stop times to individual students with accommodations

In addition, the quiz tool has a built-in timer function that allows you to set a duration for the quiz. The timer begins when a student enters the quiz. If they haven’t finished when the timer expires, their responses are auto-submitted – no need for a proctor to call an end to the exam.

The quiz function also let’s you know who has started the exam and who has not. This is useful in situations where students fall ill during or before an exam.

Additionally, remote proctoring services require exams to be set-up as Quizzes as opposed to Assignments.

**Note for file upload question types: the upload process needs to take place within the exam window. Students cannot upload after time expires. You may want to factor this in when setting your exam duration.