Extending Time on an Ongoing Quiz

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Written Instructions #

When on an active quiz, click on “Moderate this Quiz” in the top right corner of the page.

Moderate this Quiz

It will display this list of students assigned to the quiz.

Add Extra Time on Current Attempt

If a student is currently taking the quiz while you are viewing the Moderate Quiz page, you can extend the quiz time as part of their current attempt.

For current attempts, the remaining time will display next to a blue clock icon.

To extend the time on the quiz, click the clock icon.

Note: You can only extend the time for one current quiz attempt at a time.

Once you click the blue clock icon next to the correct student, a popup will appear.

Select the current end time option in the drop-down menu instead of “now”. This ensure’s you add time to the end of the quiz and don’t accidentally shorten the student’s time.

Then type in the amount of extra time you want to add in the text entry box.

Note: Quiz availability dates still apply when moderating a quiz. If the Until date passes when students are taking the quiz with extended time, the quiz auto-submits even if the student’s time extension has not expired.

After that, Click the Extend Time button.

Extend Time