FYI: ProctorU Student FAQs

What is ProctorU? #

ProctorU is a service that monitors you while you’re taking your exams online to ensure that no cheating takes place, and to help you be successful. Using this service allows you to take the exam from your home, or other remote location. It is fully integrated with the University of Toronto Quercus system.

How does it work? #

After you access your assessment in Quercus, a 2-minute start-up process that will verify your identity, review exam rules, and get you into your exam. You will be monitored and recorded during your exam to make sure that no one has any unfair advantages while testing. Your instructor will be notified of any suspicious activities and will have video evidence of your session.

If you experience any technical issues during the start-up process, click on the chat box at the bottom right corner of that page labeled “Need Help? Chat now!” ProctorU will work with you until the problem is resolved. In extreme cases when you cannot connect due to technical problems, you will be referred back to your course instructor to identify an alternative to the scheduled exam.

All you need is a computer with a strong internet connection, a microphone and a web camera. Laptops work, but you cannot use a tablet, Chromebook or mobile device. You will also need to have a your UofT T-Card available to show. If you do not have a T-Card, you may use government photo ID. You’ll need to be in a well-lit, quiet area with a clear workspace and no one else can be in the room with you.

Basic technical requirements: #

You may review all equipment and technology requirements on the Equipment Requirements Help page.

Ensure you have downloaded the ProctorU extension before you begin. See: ProctorU Extension for
Chrome or Firefox.

Do you need special accommodations? #

If you require special testing accommodations, your instructor will have been advised of your needs by Accessibility Services at University of Toronto. Accessibility Services supports accommodations for all registered students.

Does ProctorU breach my privacy rights? #

ProctorU implements a high standard of privacy and security, and the University of Toronto has reviewed this through a Privacy Impact Assessment of the use of personal information by ProctorU, and a security review of the protections of the data.

The University of Toronto ensures that processes adhere to all Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FIPPA) guidelines. As part of this, the University of Toronto has a contract with ProctorU that limits the use of personal information by ProctorU to the purpose of providing the proctoring service. Please also visit ProctorU’s Privacy Policy page, which also states “ProctorU does not use any student’s personal information for any reason other than the proctoring of online exams.”

Does it negatively interfere with my computer? #

ProctorU does not permanently impact your computer in any way. Their technicians are available to provide free basic troubleshooting for common tech issues that can occur during your session, such as a slow connection or a high CPU. It is recommended that you delete the browser extension after each exam session.

Still have questions or concerns? #

Additional test-taker information is provided on the ProctorU Test Taker Information site.

ProctorU provides test-taker support. You can open a support ticket, or start a live chat with their support representatives, or call (855) 772-8678.