Graded assessments

Because academic integrity is more complicated online: more frequent, smaller stakes graded assessments, as well as formative assessments (fewer exams, more “submissions”) are recommended

Online Quizzes/Exams (Un-proctored)
Class participation
  • Webinar: easy to track … nothing to add for moving to “online”. A TA can help track.
  • Discussion board: easy to track … set clear expectations and guidelines. Occasional instructor engagement on the discussion board helps a lot.
  • More on student engagement
Group/Individual Papers
  • Nothing to add for moving to “online”. Asking for submissions in “PDF only” can be useful.
Video submissions
  • Ask students to upload their videos to any platform (Youtube, MyMedia, MS Stream etc) they are comfortable with and then submit a URL
  • Students can decide whether to make the video public or private.
Peer Feedback
  • Nothing to add for moving to “online”. You grade whether students can give informed, constructive feedback).
Proctored Final Exam