How Can I Add a Quiz or Survey to a Video on Microsoft Stream?

Source for this article: Engineering Ed Tech Office

Inserting a formative quiz question into a video is a great way to provide insight into viewer understanding, from a distance. When the viewer watches the video, they are prompted to respond to the question (which is linked to the video’s timeline). The results are saved in Microsoft forms, which can be reviewed by the teaching team. This is another way to see if people are watching your video – but beware, the quizzes are available outside the video and there is not way to technically require that the video is watched in order to answer the questions.

Note: This functionality leverages two licensed O365 tools – Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Stream. You will need an active O365 account (part of your U of T community affiliation) to use these tools.

How to add a quiz to a video (hosted on Microsoft Stream): #

Create a new feedback mechanism in Microsoft Forms.

  1. Log into to Forms (or use the One Drive waffle menu to navigate to the app).
  2. Select between (2) a new Form (general feedback; not graded as right or wrong) or (3) a new Quiz (select the correct answer; provide immediate feedback on incorrect answers).

1.1. Name your feedback mechanism (quiz or form).

  1. If you will be adding multiple quizzes, it is recommended that you name the quiz with the video title as well as creating a unique identifier for the quiz. You might consider including the time code of where it should be in the video (if known).

1.2. Add your questions

You can add a variety of different quiz question types; this example depicts a multiple choice question.

  1. Select the “+” icon to add a new question.
  2. Select your question type (e.g. Choice)
  3. Indicate the correct answer.
  4. Select your question settings: Is there more than one correct answer?
  5. Select your question settings: Are students required to answer this question before moving on?
  6. Use the “+ Add new” button to add another question.

Limit the number of questions in a formative quiz! Because this quiz is going to “pop up” during the video, you’ll want to limit each quiz to 1-3 questions, specifically relating to the content the viewer just watched.

1.3. Copy the share URL for your quiz/form (you will need this later)

  1. Go to the “Share” option in the top right corner of the application.
  2. Select your sharing privileges. It is recommended to limit responses to those within the U of T community.
  3. Select the “copy” button to save the URL for future use.

Go to your video in Microsoft Stream #

  1. Login to Microsoft Stream.

2.1. Go to your uploaded videos

  1. Expand the “My content” menu and select on “Videos.”

2.2. Select on the video title

Add the quiz or form to the video #

3.1. Move to the time on the timeline where you want to add your quiz/form.

  1. Drag the white circle indicator on the timeline, as desired. Stop when the timer displays the correct time.

3.2. Add the form/quiz via the Interactivity tab.

  1. Open the “Interactivity” tab (the default is the “transript” tab).
  2. Select on “+ Add Form” (for both quizzes and forms)

3.3. Paste in the form/quiz URL and enter details.

  1. Paste the URL to the form/quiz in the “From URL” text box.
  2. If you do not have the URL, click on/select the “go to” icon and you will be re-directed (in another tab) to your Microsoft Forms homepage.

3.4. Name your quiz/form

  1. Type in the name of your quiz/form.
  2. Select “Add to Timeline” to save this change.

Confirm that the quiz was added to the timeline #

  1. Your timeline should now show an additional, smaller, hollow white circle that indicates where the quiz was added to the timeline. Depending on the number of quiz/forms added, you might have multiple circles on your timeline.

Review the quiz/form within the context of the video #

It worked! As the viewer watches the video, when they get to the spot on the timeline where the quiz/form was added, it will automatically stop the video and pop up the quiz/form. This example reflects some of the decisions that were made while the quiz was created. You can always go back into your quiz and edit these settings; they will be reflected the next time someone watches the video (but will not retroactively affect previously submissions).

  1. Since we set the sharing setting to require community affiliation, the quiz knows who is submitting the questions.
  2. The viewer selects their response.
  3. Even if you make the question required on the Quiz/Form, the student will be able to skip the assessment and return to the video.

You’re done! #

You can add more feedback mechanisms, if needed. Please note that viewers are aware of upcoming quizzes via the Interactivity tab and they can take these quizzes without watching the video.