How to Recover Deleted Content in Quercus (Video)

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Undelete Feature #

If you accidentally delete content from your Quercus page you can recover it by adding “/undelete” to the end of your course URL. You will see a list of deleted material with the option of restoring them to the course.

Keep in mind that some items may have lost some of their associated data when they were deleted. Make sure you confirm the results of any restores you perform.

Type “/undelete” at the end of the course URL. (You should be on the homepage of the course)

Restore Deleted Items

Quercus will redirect to this page which lists out all the previously deleted content, you can restore the content by clicking the restore button next to the deleted content.

Page History Feature #

There is another feature within Quercus Pages which allows you to recover previous iterations of a page by view the page history. See the instructions below.

When on a Page, View Page History

View Page History

Click the Options icon [1] and select the View Page History link [2].

View Latest Revision

View Latest Revision

By default, the page history will show the latest revision.

View or Restore Prior Version

View or Restore Prior Version

To open a prior version of your page, click the date you want to access [1] and then click the Restore this revision link [2].

Note: Students cannot restore a prior version of a page within a course.

View History

Quercus will restore the prior version to the most recent revision [1]. If you want to replace your current page with different content, click a different date and page revision. Note that restoring a page revision will also associate your name with the page history.