Recording a Video with Quercus

Regardless of the method you use, it is always a good idea to create a short, testing recording to ensure your audio and video settings are working as expected

Record a short video using your webcam and adding to a Quercus course page
Quercus can be used to record a short video using your webcam and posting it within an Announcement or Page on the course page. Detailed instructions are available. Summary instructions are below.
  1. From Quercus, open a new Announcement or Page
  2. Click on the ‘Record/Upload Media’ icon in the toolbar for the Rich Text box (located to the right of the YouTube icon)
  3. Allow access to your webcam and Microphone and click ‘Start Recording
  4. Record the video and click ‘Finish‘ at the end and then ‘Save
  5. Save and Publish the Announcement or Page.
    Note: After clicking the Save button it can take several minutes for the videos to be saved and processed. During this time the screen will appear unresponsive – it is best to be patience and not to leave the screen and wait for the video processing to finish.
  • Only short videos (no more than 5 – 10 minutes) are recommended as longer videos can be unstable due to browser memory resources.
  • For each course Quercus has a file upload limit of approx. 3.1 GB. Long videos can quickly use the available storage space.
  • Using the “Record/Upload Media” icon in the toolbar for the Rich Text box can also be used for uploading a video file. However, it is recommended that you use the MyMedia site to stream the video and only post the MyMedia link in Quercus. Instructions for the MyMedia site is lower down on the page.