Set Your Home Screen

By default, students will be automatically taken to the Course Activity Stream when they navigate to your course page. The Course Activity Stream is a list of course announcements, assignment due dates, discussion posts, etc. You may choose to set a different home screen for your course, for example, Modules, or a custom page. To set your course home page:

1. Click Home

View Course Navigation

2. Click Choose Home Page on the right-side of the screen

Choose Home Page

3. Select what you would like to display as your home screen

4. If you choose to create a custom page (recommended) you will first need to create the page in the Pages menu (see instructions above). Once created, click the three dots on the far-right side of the screen associated with your new page. Click Use as Front Page. You will then see Pages Front Page in the list in step 3 above.

For more information on choosing a home page, see the Canvas Instructor Guide section on Course Navigation