Regardless of the method you use, it is always a good idea to create a short, testing recording to ensure your audio and video settings are working as expected

At the end of this page there are some tips for making better videos …

[Note: if links are broken then UofT moved them… you can go to THIS site and hopefully they are updated there]

The University has licensed TechSmith Snagit as the recording solution for screen and audio recording. Videos are then saved locally on the computer where they were recorded and can be shared via MyMedia or Microsoft Office 365 (Link coming soon). Snagit is available to Faculty, Staff and Students with a valid UTORid.

Get TechSmith Snagit #

  1. Visit the Academic & Collaborative Technologies Snagit License site here and log in with your UTORid and password.
  2. Complete and submit the form.
  3. Download and open the installer. Follow the steps as shown.
  4. Copy the Snagit Software License Key shown on license site.
    Note: This license key is private and owned by the University. Do not share or distribute this license key with others.
    ACT License for Snagit Page
  5. Launch Snagit 2019, select Enter Software Key, and paste your license key in.
    TechSmith Snagit Software Key

Record a Video #

  1. Launch Snagit 2019.
  2. Select the Video tab on the left.
  3. Choose whether you would like to record a region of your screen or a specific window, along with the webcam, cursor, and system audio.
    TechSmith Snagit Video Menu
  4. Click the red Capture button and then select an area of the screen to record, such as the entire screen (Fullscreen) or a particular region.
  5. Click the red Record button to start the recording. You can also adjust audio and webcam settings, or restart and cancel the recording.
    TechSmith Snagit Start Recording
  6. Click the blue Stop button to stop recording.
    TechSmith Snagit Stop Recording
  7. The recording will open in the Snagit 2019 Editor. You can preview and trim unwanted sections of the video using the media controls at the bottom.
  8. Click the blue Share button at the top right and select File to save the recording to your computer.
    TechSmith Snagit Editor

Please refer to the Snagit Tutorials site for more documentation and video walkthroughs on all of Snagit’s features.

Share a Recording #

Once the video recording is saved on your computer, you can upload it to any file sharing or video streaming service. More information.

Additional Tips #

  • If you want to record a “picture-in-picture” where your webcam is visible while you explain something (say a slide or a picture or an Excel file), you can do this (windows only, I think):
    • Download this “webcam previewer” (this will download a .ZIP file – save it somewhere, then remove the .exe file and put it somewhere on your computer using the windows explorer, then right-click on it and select “pin to start” [windows] to make it easy to find and use next time — but double clicking it can also start it directly)
    • Start it, select your webcam and a good resolution (I pick 960×720 or 800×600), hit “start”, go to settings (top bar) and select “keep on top”, then click the arrow icon (two over from the settings icon on the top bar) to make the frame go away, then move and size to your liking …
  • If you want a super-simple free video editor that can remove portions from the middle of your video, you can try XSplit Express Video Editor (it is also good at fusing two videos together)