Tools and Resources for Online Course Delivery

Quercus #

image.pngQuercus Resources

Tools for Creating Videos #

  • How to get Snagit + Video
  • free, produces .MP4 files
  • Limited editing (can only make basic cuts)
  • Webcam preview utility (to record your webcam – simple utility, start by clicking the .exe file)
  • More on Snag-It
download.jpg Camtasia

Extra information on videos:

Tools for Live webinars #

Two screens, an Ethernet cable, and headset with a mic is recommended for running webinars

5e8ce318664eae0004085461.png Zoom
972212402753_8a6e3197c49313ec131a_512.png Microsoft Teams

NOTE: please contact the helpdesk if you are concerned about whether you have sufficient hardware and internet strength to teach “live”