Update Your Email Address and Grade Posting Policy (Important!)

Update Email #

Your default email address is fed from HRIS/ROSI and may be your utoronto.ca address rather than your Rotman address. If you do not update your Quercus account with your Rotman email address you may miss important course announcements.

Your default email address on Quercus can be found under Account > Settings on the right side of the screen. To update:

1. Click Account (top left)

2. Click Settings

Open User Settings

3. Check your default email address in the top right corner. Your default address will have a star beside it. If it’s not your Rotman email address, click + Email Address and follow

the instructions.

Add Email Address

4. Quercus will send you an email to confirm. You’ll need to check your email and click the confirm button.

5. The final step is to move the star from the default address to the newly added Rotman address, again in the top-right corner of Account > Settings. (Hover over the other email in order to see the star)

Choose Default Email Address

Set Grade Posting Policy #

Change to Default Grade Posting Policy
The default Grade Posting Policy setting has changed from “Automatically Post Grades” to “Manually Post Grades” in response to feedback received from community stakeholders. This change came into effect on November 6th 2020 and will be implemented on a go-forward basis beginning with courses in the Winter-2021 term. Please note: Canvas does not include a feature option to set the default grade posting policy for an account. The change will be deployed by leveraging the U of T course template that is applied to all new courses provisioned from ROSI. This means that the default will remain as “Automatically Post Grades” for manually-created courses.

By default, the policy is for grades to be posted manually (beginning November 2020). If you select an automatic posting policy, assignment grades will be visible to students as soon as they are entered. Grades for anonymous and moderated assignments will not post automatically.

If you select a manual posting policy, grades will be hidden by default and you can choose when to post grades for each assignment. Any grades that have already posted will remain visible.

When assignment grades are hidden, students will not see their grade for the assignment, grade change notifications, or submission comments.

Course post policies will apply to all course assignments by default. You can also select grade posting policies for individual assignments. Once a posting policy is in place, you can post grades or hide grades from an assignment’s Options menu in the Gradebook.


  • If you make changes to an assignment with hidden grades, the total score as you see it (in both the Gradebook and the student Grades page) will be affected. However, students will not see any changes when they view their Grades page. Once you post the assignment grades, the total grade in the student’s view will update accordingly.
  • Grades for anonymous or moderated assignments must be manually posted. Moderated assignments grades cannot be unhidden until final grades have been posted.
  • If you post grades for an assignment with varied due dates, all students will receive score results at the same time.
  • Students will not be able to see their quiz responses while quiz grades are hidden.

To check the Grade Posting Policy for your Course:

Open Grades


In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open Gradebook Settings

  Open Gradebook Settings

Click the Settings icon.

View Grade Posting Policy

View Grade Posting Policy

Click the Grade Posting Policy tab.

Make sure Post Grades Manually is Selected (This is the default setting for in ROSI courses created after November 6 2020)

Post Grades Manually

Ensure that the Manually Post Grades option is selected. When the Manually Post Grades option is selected, grades are hidden by default and must be posted to be viewed by students.

Update Policy

Update Policy

To apply changes to the grade posting policy, click the Update button.

View Gradebook

  View Gradebook

If a manual posting policy has been applied in a course, all assignment headings will display the Visibility icon [1]. This icon indicates that any grades added to the assignment are hidden from student view Once a submission has been graded, a shaded Visibility icon displays next to the assignment name [2].

When grades are hidden from student view, the Total column also displays the Visibility icon [3]. This indicates that the total grade in the Gradebook differs from the total grade viewed by the student.

To manage the posting policy for an assignment, click the Options icon [4].