Which Video Hosting Site to Use

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YouTube Microsoft Stream MyMedia
Tool in Brief Public platform; not institutionally licensed; not accessible in all geographic locations Part your O365 subscription; generates auto captions; can add formative quizzes to video timeline Developed by U of T Libraries; usage available upon request; intended for archival purposes, fairly basic functionality
Set up Effort Medium – High Medium Low
Cost Free; Requires Google Account to Upload video content Included w/ U of T’s Office 365 Subscription Included w/ U of T Staff/Faculty Status
Viewing Permissions Three layers of permissions: Unlisted (anyone with the link can view), Private (only the account holder can view), and Public (anyone can view; available in search results) Can only be shared within U of T’s community Two layers of permissions: Public (anyone can view) or UTORid Authentication (anyone with a UTORid can logi and view, if they have the link)
Administrative Video Access Youtube account owner Permissions can be granted by account owner Account owner only
Browser Compatibility All Chrome, Safari, Edge All
Uploadable Files Types Video formats only

(MOV, mp4, FLV, etc.)

Video formats only

(MOV, mp4, FLC, etc.)

Almost all types of video, audio + image files
Max. Storage Capacity Unlimited; accounts must be verified for extended storage

(Each upload must be under 2 GB)


(Can request more)

Automatic Captioning/Subtitling Yes Yes No
Viewing Analytics Yes Limited Available upon request
Quercus Integration No – Channels can be iframed into Quercus pages for easy updating No – Share URL to course No – Share URL to course
Customization Options Video thumbnail customization, personalized banners, channels and playlists Video thumbnail customization No
Content Longevity Forever; you can manually remove content Forever; you can manually remove content Forever; you can manually remove content

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